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【顶级网络工程师梦想 - CCIE in 2012】

与君共勉, 成就梦想, .....

这不到美国 .......

CCIE Routing And Switching 4.0 Lab


- Got MS, 30-50 IT/NW cert tests,
- 10+ yr IT/NW professional experience in LAN/WAN/MAN/VoIP/Wireless/Security plus Data Center Fabric Clound Computing and Storage Area Network, Virtualization....
- Work (ed) Disney, Warner Music, City Irvine, Toyata, AT&T, Mazda, etc 

<= click the link for details

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评论于:2013-06-06 10:33:00  [评论]

-yep. no jobs. for ee, only broadcom has openings in orange county sometimes.
-however, change is constant. try to find another job as needed. san jose has more high-tech companies than anywhere else.

IT: Past, Present, and Future - (for fun or for living)

1) SITUATION: Corporate IT ==> Managed service or outsourcing <offshore, inshore, local, or colocation> (1st Wave of Outsourcing) ==> Cloud/VMWare (further outsourcing) (2nd Wave of Outsourcing) Technoloy improvement cuts the number of job positions. ==> All self-service in the future (3rd Wave of Outsourcing). Everyone will become self-serviced IT, like superstore self-checkout.

2) CONSEQUENCES: Fewer job positions, higher demand for qualified service professionals.

3) WINNING STRATEGIES: For corporates, it is to save cost and to get same or more jobs done. For individuals, it is to sharpen oneself to secure a job for fun or for living.

评论于:2013-06-06 01:36:36 [评论]
幽君:找别的工作很难,尤其在这个中级的城市里。6-figure job is not easy to find.
评论于:2013-05-24 21:30:37  [评论]
3. MOTD - 5/12/13 - IT: Past, Present, and Future - (for fun or for living)
Corporate IT ==> Managed service or outsourcing <offshore, inshore, local, or colocation> (1st Wave of Outsourcing) ==> Cloud/VMWare (futher outsourcing) (2nd Wave of Outsourcing) ==> Maybe all self-service in the future (Everyone becomes IT, like superstore self-checkout)
Fewer job positions, higher demand of qualified service professionals.
For corporates, it is to save cost and to get same or more work done. For individuals, it is to sharpen oneself to secure a job for fun or for living.
评论于:2013-05-24 21:30:01  [评论]
2. MOTD - 5/24/13 - Document, Document, Document - (for fun or for living)
- Recently, there is a site in EST to upgrade 6x 2960-48/24P-SW.
- All was well designed, planned with 6x sw fully configured in PST HQ and 6x sw connection visio was beautifully and clearly diagramed.
- Murphy Law told us that the site internet was down and a whole day Saturday was spent to troubleshoot the issue from 6am-5pm.
- What was happened was that the 3rd party contractor misplugged the internet circuit in wrong switchport.
- No baseline, no document, no visio diagram, no photo/picture of current cabling connection info. Without internet connection, remote login was down. So, use cell phone hotspot, do TeamViever to install putty console in site router and core sw to troubleshoot.
- Get site rack photo, call ISP, and finally read sw config that port 24 access virtual vlan x to bring internet circuit in layer 2 sw and run router-on-stick on site router.
Lesson learned:
1. Document, document, and always document everything before you unplug anything.
2. Clear instructions were sent out to client: Document cable connection, take pictures, swap cable one at a time, bring me online before starting the work were not followed.
When working for Disney-ABC xxx office to replace 2811 fan (1 of 3 fans dead), the neighbor office IT Mgr reported that the router could not bring back online.
What was happened was either LAN or WAN cable was plugged in to the wrong device port. Not too bad this was quickly trouble shooted by swapping the cables.
Lesson learned:
1. Document, document, and always document everything before you unplug anything.
2. The next door IT Mgr did not document, as instructed, cable connections before he took down the router from the rack to replace the failed fan.
2x UCSCM 8.6 connection troubleshoot to switch, there were 6 cables. Swap 2x CM 6x cables to 3750-1/2 same sw ports, to 3750-1/2 different sw ports, and all on 3750-1 ports, Looks dizzy. To make things easy, just lable the cables before moving them around and you have no trouble to put them back the exact ways they were.
Lesson learned:
1. Document, document, and always document everything before you unplug anything.
2. Will feel un-comfortable if not documented or if not documented clearly.
3. When things broke, more troubles would follow and you would swear no more IT work. You wanted to quit this horrible job. Or it would be the dark day, if not darkest day, in your life.
4) How Easy to Document, (and How Well It'll Save Your Life)
1) It will be anything, any means. Write it down, jog it down, use cell phone to take picture, ....
2) Draw a nice visio diagram,
3) Or, simply use xls sheet cell block to label the device and connection points or ports, and provide comments as needed. This is an easiest and smartest way to document the rack, device, connection points.
评论于:2013-05-24 21:27:13  [评论]
1. MOTD - 5/22/13 - VTP Mode - (for fun or for living)

-vtp mode server: Manage all VLANs.
-vtp mode transparent: Manage local VLANs.
-vtp mode client: Receive new VLANs update from server.

This is a fundamental Interview Q that anyone should be able to answer it. However, even for a Sr. guy, s/he may make a mistake in a rush w/o questioning about if there is a specific network requirement in place that in a relatively big switch domain it requires the downstream switches receive new VLANs some times.

As best practises and for some known reasons, server mode is not recommended for peer or downstream switches, while transparent mode is safe to use almost all the time.

Nevertheless, client mode is strictly needed if there is new VLANs to be added to server switch and to pass it along to downstream client switches in a relatively larger sw domain.
评论于:2013-04-27 09:11:42  [评论]
 // For fun or for living

XXX-Sub2 connect issue

1. Physical connect check

* Check sub1/2, 3750 switchport connection fine. all lights are green.

* Check sub1/2 physical connect, lights are same.

* Recable sub1/2 cable connect to 3750.

1. Switchport test

* Check 3750 config, portchannel, trunk, access fine.

* Test sub2 to different switchports on 3750-2 with no luck

* Test sub2 to different switchports on 3750-1 with no luck. (sub1 is on 3750-1)

* Test swap sub1 3x cables with sub2 still sub1 up, sub2 down.

(This may suggest both 3750-1/2 ports work. but sub2 box just won't come up)

1. Sub1/2 ESXi settings compare.

* SUB1/2 ESXi config looks good.

* SUB2 ESXi VM level troubleshoot with xxx with no luck.

1. Issue finding

* Problem Description:

Group Port-channel Protocol Ports

1. Po1(SU) LACP Gix/0/xx(P) Gix/0/xx(P)

1. Po2(SD) LACP Gix/0/xx(I) Gix/0/xx(I) ------- VmWare - x.x.x.11

1. Po3(SD) LACP Gix/0/xx(I) Gix/0/xx(I) -------VmWare - x.x.x.12 (unable to ping)

* Preliminary analysis:

Verified the port channel configurations, everything looks fine. Also noticed,

the ARP entry was incomplete for ip-x.x.x.12.

* ip arp x.x.x.12

Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface

Internet x.x.x.12 0 Incomplete ARPA

* ip arp x.x.x.11

Protocol Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type Interface

Internet x.x.x.11 0 000x.xxxx.xxxx ARPA Vlan12

1. Next Step

* Take wireshark captures to see if the VmWare responds.

* Check configuration on VmWare

* Need to come back next monday to continue troubleshoot.

* Or, we may need to rebuild Sub2, as xxx says sub2 may be corrupted.

6. Per xxx, we’ll bring back sub2 to the office to check.
评论于:2013-04-27 09:11:10  [评论]
 • // The books made me think extra mile to set my goals and target for my future. But these days the networking person is getting backed up by a server/virtualisation certification and look like an all-rounder, which confuses me. What does an organisation need these days if they want all rounder then why do we have network specialisation ?

Nowadays, everything is cost (money, business model) driven. Gone are the days that one trade of jack will give you a job. You need to know all and be a handy man. Acutally, VMWare is fairly easy to learn. Like UCCM 8.6 new-build or migration from CCM4.x to UCCM8.6 requires you to know everything to make it happen. You need to know R/S, VoIP, Security, VMWare, etc. That is, you need to get routing/sw domain ready to put your newly built Cisco IP phone servers (Phone, Unity, IPCC, Exchange server connection) onto the network and to troubleshoot everything you may experience. Be specific, you'll may need to add new voice nw in MPLS cloud, allow new nw passing through ASA box, route them in voice GW router and switch domain (layer 2/3 sw), ehterchannel, trunk, access. Challenging, Humm. Career aspiration for fun or to secure a job for living.

评论于:2013-04-27 09:10:50  [评论]
 • IT/Nw managed servies is not a new concept. It is reality for the past 15 yrs. It has wide applications to IT/Nw sectors. They are offshore <overseas> outsourcing, inshore <inland, rural areas> outsourcing, or local outsourcing, etc. All of these referrs to one thing that it is to eleminate corporate IT team (managers and engineers) and to create them in somewhere else in a smaller scale most likely.

Not sure if this equals to IT total workforce reduction like 20%-30% once in a while.

Together with the 2nd wave of IT/Nw outsourcing (virtualization <technology improvement reduces the numbers of the job positons>), what does this mean to you?

I know a top network engineer in a big corporate network team is taking MBA to back up his career path.

So, it sounds true that no jobs or difficult to get your foot into the door. However, the ananlogy is that even if there are a couple of positions of presidency, you can always compete it, either for career aspiration or to secure a job.

评论于:2013-04-27 09:10:31  [评论]
// "I have A+, CCENT and CCNA but finding a employer seems impossible, so much so that I feel I either have to start my own company to work with businesses as a B2B firm or enlist in miltary and cross my fingers I get selected to work on networks! "

A great point. Being in IT/Nw field in past 15 yrs, I do always see arguments of no jobs or difficult to get your foot in the door, or now it is difficult to keep your job for guys with 10 or 20 years of professional experience.

The fact is jobs are becoming fewer and fewer nowadays with IT/Nw offshore and inshore outsoucing in past 10-15 yrs (Ist wave IT reduction ), IT total workforce constant reduction in past 10 yrs (maybe 1.5 wave IT reduction), and data center virtualization in recent a few yrs (2nd wave IT reduction).

However, we do see chances of good demand of highly qualified professionals in IT/Nw for each of the Jr., Mid, or Sr. level.

Love the technology, keep learning, stay on top, and keep sharp is the best strategy to secure a job for you and for your family.

评论于:2013-04-27 09:10:18  [评论]
Great book. Thanks Kevin. No give-up and no shortcut. CCIE is every engineer's dream. As it is said, "Success is not about who you are, it is about what you do."

No give-up, no shortcut. Learn the technology and do the hands-on. It'll pay off for the real work and get the fun. Thanks Kevin for the great sharing.

评论于:2012-08-11 21:03:32  [评论]

CCIE Song  // 一个人的CCIE.mp3


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