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小心 美国租车被蒙 - 2012

say no PaylessCar rental

- On a business trip, a sale agent charged car insurance which was neither planned (not budgeted and clearly stated no car insurance to agent) nor needed - deceiving, misleading, cheating, fraudulent.
- Don't buy. Don't sign.
- They do video camera clip to cheat.

- Never happened in the past 15+ yrs in u.s.
- Be careful not to make this or similar mistake in your life.

- Luckily, this is not really a lot of money $150 (earned $100 by paying in credit card for this trip). Not too bad.
- Will let it go to avoid wasting more time but definitely learn the lesson. (If it is green card application delay or parent visa denial, will for sure fight for it)
- Don't believe u.s. is heaven or an honest society. Unfortunately there are still many bad guys and fraudences as well.

- Pray for this poor India ugly lady - Perla who is a comission-based worker.

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let your complaint be heard.

  • BBB of Silicon Valley
  • 1112 S Bascom Ave
  • San Jose, CA 95128-3507
  • Phone: (408)278-7400
  • Fax: (408)278-7444
  • Email Address: info@bbbsilicon.org
  • Website: http://www.bbbsilicon.org/
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 16 friends17 reviewsSai D.
Top share holder, Yelp if it was an IPO
San Jose, CA

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  8/6/2012 First to Review
Moral of the day: Do not come here to save a couple of bucks. Its not worth it!!!

People..the stuff is simple. You're in the service industry. If you're new .. first learn stuff and then open up for business.. don't figure out stuff at the cost of people's time and patience.
Also.. who charges for minor stains?? Aren't the car rental people supposed to clean stuff up before renting it out? Was the car checked for any internal stains before rentng out?
And for heaven's sake speed up the process. I am sure for most people .. renting the car is not the plan for the day.

The tale if you care:
My wife booked a car rental at SJC airport and she told me it was the cheapest of the lot. Was on-time to pick-up the car.. all excited to start my weekend camping trip.
And then the TROUBLES started

The girl at the front desk took good 25 minutes to ring me up. She was a li'l confused on how to do things as she was apparently "learning" stuff.
Then when I went up to pick up the car, there were a couple of choices and I asked another lady if a particular car was a full-size.  Their intercom had some issues and she said she had to go down to find out. She took a lot of time to come back  and she said NO, its not. Finally we chose a different car and it took us about an hour by the time we were out of that place.

Airport car rental should be like a 5 minutes thing.. not a 1 hour wait-until-I-figure-out.  How difficult is it to ring up a person with an already registered rental?

Was returning the car on monday morning. Another girl came down, doesn't check the fuel (which I'm supposed to fill up and bring) but checks for any damages. She looks around and tells me.. no outside damage but the seat has some food marks for which I have to fill-up an incident form and they will let me know how much they will charge.

I went back and checked to find a couple of food marks on the seat which I am sure will come-off with a wet-cloth. I actually scratched lightly and one of the food mark on the seat came off but she said she still has to charge me for the other mark. The girl tells me, dirt is OK but no food marks.. so she made me fill-up an "incident" form and took me down to the front desk.

And I'm back to the front desk girl.. who again takes a few moments trying to understand the complex system of car rental and tells me she has to charge me $150 for the food mark as they have to do the detailing.

DETAILING for a small food mark and $150 for that?? I protested and I agree I was loud and they instead gave me a generous offer of charging me an extra day rental andI have to go back and get the car cleaned.
I said I wouldn't pay for the extra day, and then they gave me 2 hrs to get the car cleaned. I went back to my place .. took a bacterial swipe and cleaned it in 5 minutes. CLeaned the car good.. so they won't rant about other shoe marks on the carpet and seat they complained about and got back in an hour.

The girl at the car return approved it and when I got back to the front desk. This time the manager was around and he was inquiring about the issue.  They called the car return girl a couple of times asking her if it was really cleaned very well and only then they finally let me go.

After all this, the manager asks me how was the day so far and tells me he's new too and is trying to figure out stuff. All this costed me an entire morning session of my work.. thanks for that!!!

And at the end of it he told me pleasure doing business with you for which I said "yeah ..but not a pleasure doing business with you". To which, he asked me if I rent a car regularly at SJC or was it a 1-time thing?? By then, I was tired to even deduce anything of it.

Stay away from SJC Payless Car rental.

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Flag this review   Review from D C. 0 friends1 reviewD C.
Tustin, CA
say no PaylessCar SJC  - 11/28/2012

- On a business trip, a sale agent charged car insurance which was neither
planned, budgeted, nor needed. I clearly stated no car insurance to agent - I was
deceived, misled, cheated, fraudulent.
- They did video camera clip to cheat but did not review the whole video.

- Don't believe U.S. is heaven or an honest country. Unfortunately there are
still many bad guys and fraudulences as well.

- Pray for this poor India lady - Perla who is a comission-based worker and
performed business fraudulent.
- Pray for the poor paylessCar SJC mgr - ramzi toukhli: rtoukhli@paylesscar.com;
408-724-4400 who refused to help and who refused to provide me with car rental + tax amount calculation for me to do business trip reimbursement with my company.
- Pray for paylessCar HQ Customer Care - 727-321-6352 Option 6 who did nothing to resolve the issue.
- Pray for paylessCar HQ Customer Care Specialist Candice - 727-321-6352 x346 who did nothing to resolve the issue.

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Edit Remove   Review from Lori M. 0 friends6 reviewsLori M.
Redwood City, CA

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I had a very good experience. The rates were fantastic and they didn't charge you for adding another driver. Overall 100.00 less than hertz

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Flag this review   Review from John C. 0 friends2 reviewsJohn C.
Los Angeles, CA

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This is only my 2nd Yelp review ever.

1) DO NOT SAVE THE FEW BUCKS AT PAYLESS SJC.  Rent from a reputable rental car company.  Or join a loyalty program so that you can just drive a car off the lot without speaking to a human being

2) The manager - RAMZI TOUKHLI - is dismissive, confrontational, and an overall asshole

3) Payless at SJC uses very sleazy tactics to get you to upgrade your car and pay for accident coverage

The gory details...
I had a business trip in the area and when shopping for rental cars online, found that Payless' rate for $12/day for 3 days (pickup Tue 10/9 @ 10am, drop off Thu 10/11 @ 3:30pm) was much lower than the competition.  I made a reservation on the Payless website (including a 10% discount) and with taxes & fees an estimate of $58.79.  I ended up paying $88.74.

The rental agent (white male) tried very hard to get me to rent a different car.  He said I could rent a Mustang convertible, and when I asked the cost, he said (something like) $120.  I asked if it was total, and he said per day.  I said no and I just want my car.  He then pressed again and said I could get a Jetta for 50% off the regular rate.  I grudgingly asked how much, and he said (something like) $75.  I reminded him that I'm paying $12/day for my reservation.

He then tried to get me to purchase some - not all - of the accident coverage.  I didn't play that trick, said no, and just wanted to get out of there with my original reservation.

Unknowingly to me at the time, this is where things got interesting.

With my mind elsewhere, he showed me the rental agreement and told me I would get charged $35 for an extra day (the 3rd day), which I STUPIDLY said OK to, and initialed.  Remember that I was to pay just $12/day per my online reservation.  The thing is, I was only looking at the subtotal of $56.70 when initialing all the waivers and charges (as it closely resembled my online reservation estimate) though my initial next to the $88.74 (an extra $30 for Payless) is clear as day.

The agent I suppose was just doing his job - EXTRACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE OUT OF EACH CUSTOMER.  Though the agent failed to get me to upgrade and get accident coverage, he slyly changed my 3rd day rate from $12 to $35.  Anyway I threw the rental agreement into the car glove box and never looked at it again.

The car was fine.  When I dropped off the car to close things out, the agent (Indian female - who was very nice and just doing her job) said my final bill would be $88.74.  Surprised, I said that seemed too high so she got her manager and had the rental agreement (which I left in the car) retrieved.

The manager - RAMZI TOUKHLI - was confrontational from the get go, and is just a total asshole.  I knew I was screwed when they showed me the rental agreement with my initials there, so I just wanted to put in my 2 cents for why the agent would charge me $35 for an extra day charge, when my original reservation - done on Payless' own website nonetheless - showed $12 for each day.

I showed him the printout of my Payless reservation and he simply said "I don't know what you're showing me" - implying that I could have made it up.

That of course, set me off.  I called him a crook and asked for his name so I could do what I'm doing right now.  Though I NEVER threatened him nor cursed at him, he said he would call the police if I didn't get away from the counter within 5 seconds - even though I still needed to put away the receipt in my bag.

Why should I care about $30, especially when my company is paying for the rental car?  Principle.

PAYLESS:  I will discourage friends, family and colleagues from using them.
RAMZI TOUKHLI:  Zero customer service "skills", and in a heartbeat chose an extra $30 over a satisfied customer with potential for repeat business.  Not sure if that's a directive of Payless or it's just him.

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Flag this review   Review from Hrishikesh K. 0 friends1 reviewHrishikesh K.
Fremont, CA

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I went with my reservation to pickup the car. While I was completing the documentation they asked me to provide my employer information (WTF?). Reason they told was for verification (???). Employee asks me where was I heading. Mount Shasta was the place for which she asked me are you going out of California?

We go at the pick-up location. Employee there is confused. She is not sure which car we were allocated. She didn't even know where car keys were.

Returned car almost 22 hours earlier. Still they charged me whole amount. That was even fine. Their employee walks around the car and checks if car was okay and gives us final receipt.

Two weeks later I get a call from claims department saying there is a scratch on rear bumper and I am responsible(??). I told the whole story of employee checking the car at time of return. When I questioned lady in claims department how do you know for sure your employee didn't do it; she answers me they are there to work not to damage the car.

Anyways now I am dealing with all the crap. Bottom line is I do not want myself in this situation again. I would not want anyone to do so.

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Flag this review   Review from Dave D. 1 friend5 reviewsDave D.
San Jose, CA

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Watch out for Payless, which given the used car sales tatics should be "Pay More!"

Here's the thing, I reserved a car online for a week running from Sunday to Sunday for my own personal use - I had family coming into town and need another car.   I made the reservation online and arrived on Sunday at 10AM to pick up the car. 

The airport was empty and there wasn't a line.  I was expecting to rent a Hyundai Sonata, a nice looking car that I thought may be fun to drive.  Now given this is Sunday, no one is in the airport, and historically the weekends are the time to get the car you want at a rental agency, why would I have to haggle like I'm at a used car dealership to get the car I wanted.

The sales rep first tried to get me to go for a Mitsubishi  Gallant, which I've rented before and didn't like. He then tried to get me to go for a Suzuki which I told him in the 80's had a great reputation for rolling over.  He then offered a Sonata Hybrid for "only 10 bucks more per day!"  I told him no.

At this point he does the used car sales tactic of saying "Let me talk to my manager."  

He goes into to back and comes out 30 seconds later saying, "We have one Sonata left!' 

Geez, what a surprise!

It's Sunday, I'm not in a hurry and  you could shoot a cannon through the airport rental section of the airport and not hit anyone.  Why make me go through the used car sale tactics?

So then the sales rep says would you like to sign up for prepaid gas.  He said "It's  only $3.29 a gallon."  And  I say "Is that's prorated.  If I bring in a half of a talk I get charged $3.29 a gallon?  As this is where my naivety, stupidity, trusting sense of self kicks in for the poor folks who have to work behind a counter at an airport car rental agency - he says "You need to bring the car back as empty as possible."
Now, from a sales commission based perspective, that is a very savvy thing to say.  What my trusting ears heard was . . . yeah you can bring back the car half full and we'll only charge you $3.29 per gallon to fill up!

It was after  I was driving home and thinking about the $70 pre-paid gas charge that I thought,  "Wait, this is a rental agency that uses used car sales tactics to upsell the customer.  This $70 charge is a charge that's going to stick weather I return the car empty of with a half a tank.

So it turns out I return the car with a 1/4 to 3/8 of a tank (PayLess marked it off as 3/8).  I ask the woman in the checkout garage as she's goes over the car if I'm being charge for a full tank with my prepaid  option. 

She says "Yes."  She takes a look at my contract and says the guy who signed you up is "new."

She said to discuss it when the counter when you check out.  So I say ok, thinking this is a mix up and they will compensate me.

Oh, man . .  not even CLOSE.  The guy who I signed up with was there with one other woman and, I quess , the manager who really wasn't the manager since he said the manager who could address the situation was not on site and not available.  Funny that guy seems to also manage the budget rental car that's located next to PayLess.   Hummmmm.

At his point I went ballistic after the guy who had sold me on the gas said "I told you to bring it back empty!"  There was absolutely no attempt to make  this right, even partly right, as in we're sorry for the miss understanding, here's a discount coupon for 10% (which you can get on the internet).

It seemed like they took pride in what they pulled off.  It was, from a sales and customer service standpoint, a slimy thing do.

It wasn't a lot of money - $20 to $30 - so to not offer some type of restitution doesn't make sense to me.   I also question the prepaid fee since at $3.29 a gallon, $70 would mean the Sonata would have a 20 gallan tank.  It could have but the odds of bringing it back empty enough to justify prepaying for gas would mean you'd have to siphoning gas from the tank!

If I was on a business trip, it would have been "OK, you guys pulled one off, but it's not my money."  But this was my money, and the "new" guy at PayLess knew that!

Because of that I will never use PayLess Rental again, at least not at the  San Jose Airport - I heard PayLess is a Franchise, so I don't want to penalize every Franchise owner over one  bad apple.   And given the manager guy seems to run PayLess and Budget, I won't use Budget either!

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Flag this review   Review from Liliana D. 0 friends4 reviewsLiliana D.
San Diego, CA

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I recently rented a vehicle with your company for the first time on 9/28. I have to say the experience was below par. I reserved my rental through Expedia. I arrived to pick up my vehicle at 8:45am and was told that my reservation was not there. I explained that I had booked with Expedia if that helped and handed them my paperwork. I was told that did not help and there was no way for them to find my reservation. She proceeded to tell me that I had to contact Expedia myself although I had given her the paperwork. (This was fine, but coming from the Hotel industry I expected a little more assistance in figuring it out and helping the customer through the issue rather than having to do it myself). She stood there and stared at me, once I was finally able to get a hold of someone through Expedia who helped me there was an issue with the Insurance. I had also paid for the insurance through Expedia, and when I explained that to the clerk, she said they had no record of that and that I would need to purchase their $154 insurance. I told her that I did not want to purchase it because I had already purchased the insurance through Expedia. Once again she said that there was no way for her to see what I purchased and I would have to pay for it if I wanted to take the car. I asked for a manager and she said that she could assist me. So I proceed with the check out because I was in a hurry to leave. I was gone over the weekend on a vacation that I got to late because of the situation that had occurred. I called today to speak to the Manager and explain my situation and find out how he could assist me or get the $154 rebated. Once I explained the situation, instead of apologizing for the miscommunication he proceed to over talk me, told me that I should have known that I did not have to pay the $154 (when clearly his clerk had told me that I needed too), and that he had been in the industry more than 12 years and knows everyone knows that and obviously that this was my first time renting a car. First I travel with my company frequently, and have not experienced this much lack of customer service, second when I do rent, the company clearly states what is optional and what is not and third having a manager argue with me and telling me how long he has been in the industry does not solve my issue. I am a paying customer and did decide to try Payless Rentals out because they are new to the area. I was obviously naïve. I don't know if I will be able to receive the rebate for the miscommunication in the $154 insurance charge, but I hope this will not happen to another paying client. It was directed to me when I called back today and spoke to the first clerk "ululalua" that this had been happening a lot and the Expedia reservations were not showing up. I don't think it's the customers fault or responsibility if their reservation does not show up, if Payless wants to work with a  3rd Party company for bookings they need to take the initiative to make the process as smooth as possible for their clients. Although this was a leisure trip for me, I will not be using Payless Rentals for any of my corporate travel and will make sure to let my management company know not to utilize them as well. I hope this is not just disregarded but read.  Thank you so much for your time!

评论于:2012-11-28 21:35:09  [评论]

- payless car rental provides the cheapest online rate quote reservation.
  - airport - hotel = 5-7 miles
  - hotel - training company = 1.9 miles/one way/per day x 5 days
- so, car insurance is totally not needed, but agent still charged $150 car insurance.
- taxi = $140; car rental = $92

评论于:2012-11-28 20:42:30  [评论]

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