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2016之歌 336-1-4 学
2016之歌 336-1-3 学
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yep. self-entertain. self-media. wec...
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一只蜜蜂. // thanks friend. miss you...
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you may do internet search. thanks.
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两位远方的贵客。 别来无恙。想念你们...
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are you in la? miss you too. summ...
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() Favorite songs, music, verses...||醉是音乐”俱乐部

1. : hello. can i know what kind of club it is?

Thanks for visiting and asking, and welcome to join and to participate y/our/everyone music forum. To simply put it,

1) it is a music related forum to freely exchange related info that you find it beautiful, wonderful, and enjoyable to share with everyone of us to make our life more beautiful and enjoyable.

2) it is to provide a multi-facet, multi-dimensional platform or system of easy-to-use and with unlimited resource for us to entertain ourselves. it will be like a good friend you would like to see everyday with lots of more fresh, exciting, beautiful, and wonderful stuffs coming up.

it will be a great place for people to better know each other to find their beloved ones soon.

4) it is dynamic, interactive, friendly participation with what you like most, as well as why and how you like it so much. hopefully, you will find some desirable professionals to help you develop your common interests further, better, and professionally.

http://www.jiaoyou8.com/friends_board?action=announcement&board_type=club&board_id=269745&article_id=1154956&type=1   // Purpose of the forum

2. what we do in this club?

Song, song, song: Music, video world: Music, songs, verses, ….

1) to post what you find it beautiful, wonderful, and enjoyable to share.

2) to active or silent participate what you would like to the forum

no worry. just for fun. pls drop by as i can see u love music. i am not an artist but i like those beautiful things coming with it. music is the best way to best use of my time for my several hour train ride back and forth to work everyday and much more. music is a best combination of more than anything else: music, song, verse, rhytmn, intense feeling, visual, audio, graphical, time, space, imagination, as well as, dreamy, acoustic, vocal, eletronic, flowing, drifting, motion, performance, excitement, relaxing, softening, comforting, amusement, dragging you back to the long past, bringing you far into the future with no limit of time and space, blended with nature, inspired by poetry, filled with joy, and there is no pain, no ache, no agony, no resentment, no depression, but endearment and enchantment, peace and joy are surrounding you and accompanying you all throughout and beyond the sailing and the journey home, and more…."

http://www.jiaoyou8.com/friends_article?action=view&board_id=269745&article_id=1157944&article_seq=1&type=board&offset1=1&article_view_model=0   // Forum and me

3. Further reading:

// my heart rejoices
// photo #1: new york, new york

// 7 lethal financial mistakes & wealth growth
spa-vol-3 (continuous play…

Hope I have answered your question. Please kindly let us know if further discussion is needed. Best regards and bless you and all. Thanks.

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: 作者:Forever2199, 俱乐部:醉是音乐
: 日期:2007-07-23 19:26:52, 来源:未名交友
: 标题:Re: 1 month celebration
: hello. can i know what kind of club it is? what we do in this club?

标题:More: 7 lethal financial mistakes & wealth growth 字体 [ ]   颜色[绿 ]
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1. Why people lose in Stock, simply because: (1) human are greedy and they are emotional: they might have captured the good point of buying, but they always miss the good time of selling until they get lose, or lose almost totally. And they only time people will find it useful is to sale it to get tax deductible to balance their yearly tax return; (2) they do not have a clear picture or understanding of the stock they play: the industry/ies behind the stock: their industry/ies detail operations, their competitors, their whole industries, as well as those major stock players behind the scene. And this is far too much for a single individual to get it know inside and out for the stock they play in terms of time and resources….

2. A good financial planning and wealth growth strategy is like buying a piece, under-valued (not really, for stock and mutual funds, it is economic growth) property waiting for value increase, like housing or stock investment. When dealing money or mutual funds, you don’t need to have the trouble to deal with tenant. And it is the same thing you get your wealth fast growth…

3. Even if it is for mutual funds, there is still lots of homework to do, as a single mutual fund might be of dozens or even hundreds of industries involved….


Note: this is info exposure by a financial dinner seminar last Saturday.

标题:Seven lethal financial mistakes & wealth growth 字体 [ ]   颜色[绿 ]
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Seven lethal financial mistakes & wealth growth

1. Ratio of financial freedom

5% = 1 rich + 4 well planned

2. Seven lethal financial mistakes

no  budget, no check up, no risk protection, wrong investment strategies, outlive your life, no estate planning, proscratination

3. Secret of successful financial planning

$1000/month x 12% return x 20 yrs = $1 million (taxable mutual funds, or tax deferrable 401K)

72 rule = 72 / 12% return = double in 6 yrs.

Stock: high return or lose with no risk protection; Bank deposit: interest rate too low; Mutual fund: moderate return and continuous growth with risk management;

4. Secrets of other good financial planning

VUL/survivor benefit; Annuity; Roth IRA; …

Note: this is info exposure by a financial dinner seminar yesterday.

标题:1 month celebration 字体 [ ]   颜色[绿 ]
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() Favorite songs, music, verses...||醉是音乐”俱乐部

1 month celebration 

1. Intention of this forum:
1) Try to find a place to enjoy:
            - a place to share high quality, unlimited resource of favorite music, songs, verses, etc. “….something beautiful captures, something wonderful amuses….”, “….let it be visited for many times by one person, not for one time by many people…”
            - sharing the in-exhaustive resource dynamically, interactively, and unceasingly with new and good stuffs coming in everyday to your much desirable selection, like fresh morning dew and the vibrating morning sun to make your life more enjoyable.

2) Forum and me:
            - i love to share for what i find it beautiful, wonderful, and enjoyable in my life…
            - simply need to make a best use of my time for the several hour train ride everyday back and forth to work, and those free times between the work, as well as some of the free time after work.

2. Accomplishments:
- 184 posts of numerous favorite music, songs, verses, points and ponders, etc

3. Appreciations:
- first at all, thanks to jiaoyou8 for providing this free space to search your beloved ones and to enjoy our life.
- secondly, thanks for the wonderful participation from xdjdmc, who is so wonderful and unique in presenting some of her enjoyable verses and music, like “[original] How I wish”, “[original] 我的家”, “[original lyric] Fairy-Tale Book”, “[origianal lyric] 恰似你的温柔” to name the least.
- thirdly, but not the least, thanks as well to all of those active and silent participation, like whammy, skypinkblue, and more…

3. Goals:
- will expect more people to participate the forum
- will have more favorite verses and very selected travel photo for each scenic spot coming in soon.
- may those searching for love find their beloved one soon
- and may all of us enjoy our visiting and participation to this forum.

Note: thanks for visiting and participation. please drop by as the forum is under constant update with changing info and postings. best regards and have a nice day to all.

标题:Farewell to unavail & 醉是音乐 字体 [ ]   颜色[绿 ]
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pretty much leaving this website (unavail) soon as well as my music club (醉是音乐), as I am not belonging in here.

thanks for visiting and
best regards.


标题:Song, song, song: music, video world: Peaceful Music 6-4:Kevin B 字体 [ ]   颜色[绿 ]
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() Favorite songs, music, verses...||醉是音乐”俱乐部

Song of Friday
http://www.awyy.net/4/3B4CAE13/E968CC88/4ED8D087/  //
The Hills of Home by Braheny
http://www.awyy.net/4/3B4CAE13/E968CC88/  //
Celtic Twilight Vol.2 凯尔特的曙光 II 歌曲列表
http://www.awyy.net/4/3B4CAE13/   // Celtic Twilight 系列 专辑列表
//发烧音乐 main page

Note: (1)may it bring you a moment of tranquility in this busy and sometimes crazy world all through the weekend and the coming week, “surrounded by nature, inspired by poetry, filled with joy, and soothed by dreamy, flowing electronic and acoustic music and voices.“ (2) may this music let you dream and fly, dream aboundantly and fly highly and freely, like drifting clould, like flowing water unceasingly…..
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